Autism…Signs, Symptoms and Causes!!

Hi There!!

I am Dr. Tasnuva Sarwar Tunna (B. Pharm, M. Pharm and PhD in Natural Pharmaceuticals). Welcome onboard the Neurodiverse Universe!!!

I am an autism mom (my son is 3+ years old) and I have ADHD (also Anxiety Disorder, a PPD survivor and a Highly Sensitive Person) myself with a penchant for knowledge. So I am a bit of a Neurodiverse Nerd myself and hence the name!!

I created this blog not to rant about my struggles with my son, neither did I created this for being just another autism mom blog!!! My friend, I am here to share the miracles I have researched and implemented on my son (and various other clients) and found massive improvements in mere months (that sounded too good to be true? Hang on with me and you will see).

When doctors say there is no cure, I disagree.

I am not just a Jane Doe…… I have educational background and experience to speak as such. And I am here to share what helped my son and those of my friends and families.

Let’s dive in, shall we??

You are probably already well versed on Autism and that it is a Spectrum of Disorders (ASD) so I will not go into the medical jargons.

I want this space to be place of simplicity, authenticity and to the point with each new post being jam packed with useful information spiced up with my real time journey as an autism mom. Let’s start by talking about the signs and symptoms……

It’s possible to home diagnose at very early stage which increases the chance of recovery so much more. I wish I had taken my mother’s caution at my 7 months Old’s no interest in eye contact which I denoted as being self-absorbed or maybe a little ADHD like his mom. Little did I know!! So the symptoms that we can see can be a combination of the following:

  • Poor eye contact. Baby won’t look at you with purpose, neither when called.
  • Not responsive to their names.
  • Not having interest in a variety of toys, rather prefers a certain type (my son was and still is obsessed with cars)
  • Too much screen time, use or interest.
  • Sleep troubles such as resisting sleep, not sleeping enough, tossing and turning, or having nightmares and crying out.
  • May not chew food rather just swallow or resist food and be extremely picky.
  • Dialoguing on their own by repeating favorite characters.
  • Lose track of time doing something they enjoy.
  • Be in their own universe, you will know from their glazed, thinker expression.
  • Getting bored very easily (I thought ADHD)
  • Not knowing how to keep them entertained with toys.
  • Might have excellent memory in non-age appropriate level of content (my 1 year old could say A to Z by heart and by vision too)
  • They also might forget everything they have learned and have learning disability.
  • Will not verbally communicate; ask for things or even point. My son only recently started calling me mom…around 3 years age.
  • Might have trouble breast feeding due to tongue development not being proper, mother may have frequent broken areola. Oh the serious pain!!
  • May be very thin and underweight with dark circles.

There are other symptoms and cues but these are some often happening ones.

In my quest to learn the root causes of neurological disorders I came across the works of Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride and her world renowned book turned diet plan “Gut and Psychology Syndrome” aka GAPS. I must be honest here as I initially researched with Ayurveda as I believe Natural and Holistic treatments to be more root issue targeted. I worked with Dr. Rama Prasad of Sydney Ayurveda Centre for my son and found tremendous benefit and radical improvements. I didn’t want to waste precious time waiting for medical intervention. My son’s conditions improved rapidly, by the Grace of God, and from then on I got on the Holistic Autism treatment bandwagon, but more on that later. So, Dr. Natasha worked with thousands of autism patients and found the correlation of Gut Health with Neurological disorders. She is the founder of GAPS diet which was the formula given by my ayurvedic doctor for my son. I found large similarities in both ayurvedic point of view and GAPS as both says all disorders starts in the gut. It was a new concept to me…a veteran health professional of 15+ years of education and experience. So I did research after research, experiments on my own son and found the truth…

Indeed All Neurological disorders (diseases in general) start in the Gut!

And once we target that and improved the digestion, assimilation and evacuation of waste things just fell into places. Dr. Natasha says in her book that there has been a tremendous epidemic scale of autism in the world right now and this amount of sudden increase cannot be attributed to genetics alone!! As genes take a long time to have expressions altered and visible in human race. She also says, information related to nutrition is segregated from the Western Curriculum of medical schools and hence doctors aren’t trained to find the correlation of nutrition, gut health and diseases.

In summary, the reason for your child to have sensory problems, developmental delays, learning disabilities, communication, eating, social skills, problem behaviors all  stem from the situation of their gut. And that is what we should put our focus on.

Up Next: Comparing medical treatments versus Ayurveda : What You should know that will make healing easier and faster.


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