Autumn & Autism: How To Keep Your Kid(s) Healthy This Fall.

The Ultimate guide to Fall and how you can ensure the best health, immunity and enjoyment of this season!!

If you are a Fall Fanatic like me you are in the vibes now already. Autumn is magical and slow paced. It also brings about major season change from sulty heat to chilly mornings. Transitioning your kid through this change esp in the pandemic may seem daunting.

Thats why we are going to talk about Taking care and ensuring healthy fall for your bub. Get your hot chocolate, snuggle up with a blankie and lets read on…

Boosting Immunity

About 80%…YES EIGHTY Percent of Immune system resides in human gut and that’s why ensuring gut health will ensure strong protection against pathogens, virus and yucky ailments like flu, cold, allergy, eczema and other skin conditions. A great way to make sure gut health of your autism kid is at its best is to have a diet rich in probiotic and gut healing food. Probiotic and probiotic rich fermented food are best support to increasing favourable microflora (bacteria, yeast, fungi etc. colony). Good bacteria helps in digestion of food, creates enzymes, helps build immune cells and also fights bad bacteria.

Below are some fantastic and easy ways to build immunity through gut health.

  • Give your child an age appropriate probiotic 1st thing in the morning on an empty stomach, after brushing teeth and cleaning tongue.
  • Clean your child’s teeth and tongue 2x a day before breakfast and after dinner. Regularly use a torch light to check the tongue and inside to see if white coating is present in the mouth tissues. This white gunk is a sign of toxin build up and also probable Candida invasion.
  • Morning is the best time for fruitilicious breakfast. Slowly cook fruits in low heat then serve with slivered almonds or walnuts or nut butter. Or blend that into thick smoothie bowls.
  • Give bone broths frequently. If your child do not take broth directly use that to cook his meals instead of water. Bone broth serves gelatin and other micronutrients and minerals that help repair gut wall and also provides minerals from strong bones, brain development and blood cells.
  • Play outside regularly on grass is an excellent way to ground and build a good flora. Dirt is not bad. It provides with needed bacterial supply to your child. Too much aseptinc environment (except for hygiene purpose) hinders gut flora building.
  • Regular poop business is another very important way to keep immunity high. Use natural laxatives such as prunes, pears, cooked meals, hydration and belly massage to improve regularity.
  • Another very important factor we here at Autism Success Academy swear by and that is a grain and milk free diet. Only butter, ghee and yogurt is taken since they do not contain the proteins that are usually not properly digested by autism kids (butter and ghee) or are in semi digested form (yogurt) which ensures gut healing.

Weather Proofing Your Child!

If you are in North America esp Canada you will ujnderstand our dilemma!! The temperatures so fast that in a matter of minutes we can go from sunny warmth to chilly northern winds. Follow the tips below to weather proof your child accordingly:

  • Dress in layers so that you can add or subtract based on the temperature outside or indoors. Pack a hoodie for all times as that will protect the ears (a major organ through which cold wind enters the body) and throat (stave off sore throats!
  • Always try your best to get Nature material such as cotton, wool etc. for their clothing and remove tags if your child has sensitivity. This ensures skin being protected from chemically treated fabrics which also creates air blockage.
  • Make them wear socks both indoors and offcourse outdoors. Remember a warm feet and a cool head and a warm belly never gets too sick!! (easter traditional knowledge)
  • The time has come to keep those cold beverages (honestly you should avoid them at all seasons, more on that in another post) out of side and out of mind. Let them sip warm water and if your child is feeling down and started to show signs of oncoming cold then give them warm ginger tea with raw honey. Do not add the honey to hot water as that will destroy the delicate heat sensitive nutrients present. Offer them warm orange juice or apple cider with cinnamon…yummm
  • Make it a habit to add citrus burst in their meals daily. Vitamin C helps building immune cells and so is Essential. Lemons, limes, orange, berries, peppers etc are all chockful of vitamin C.
  • Use essential oils in as many ways as possible. High vibration and therapeutic property holders, these are awesome way to protect and sooth skin issues, help in sore throats, cold and caughs and promotes circulation and nasal congestion. Use it to massage your kids to promote sleep. Frankincense, Lavender, Eucalyptus, Tea Tree, Sage are some must haves. Diffusers, votives, oils just pick ways to multiply the results.

Build a Slow Lifestyle!!

I have been a slow living enthusiast even before Slow Living was a thing 😛

Slow living means a lifestyle close to nature, down to earth, slow paced, less technologically rich and more natural in kind. It boosts mental health and helps ground your nervous child or hyperactive kid. Here’s are some excellent tips on how to start your journey:

  • Avoid as much screen with glaring blue lights as possible. Our kids learn from us. We cant blame them for being addicted to gadgets when we are too!! They learn what they see. That’s the simplest truth. Curb time to connect with your child, play and nurture a bond so that he/she feels seen, heard, understood and safe.
  • Warm lighting and Himalayan rock salt lamps are gorgeous natural options to increase negative ions (not negative energy silly, it deflects negative energy).
  • Use natural materials for household uses such as wood, bamboo, glass or stainless steel or copper. Start ditching plastics and similar material.
  • Wake up early and write To Do for the day. This will drastically reduce the morning chaos of packing the bags and getting them dressed. A calm morning ensures a grounding and serene day for both you are your child. TRY THIS!
  • Go apple picking or farm animal watching. Collect folliage with kids and make bucket lists to enjoy this Fall.

Our mental health and wellbeing is as essentail as theirs. I always remind everyone. You as an autism mom, its ESSENTIAL for you to be balanced and strong inside and out to become the best care provider for your child.

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