LIVE with DR. T: Ep 1 What we learned with Susan Fink

If you have seen my 1st ever live streamed in my FB group than I thank You wholeheartedly for your support. I wanted to share the main key takeaways from the show that I think will resonate with not just single parents but to all autism parents in general. Here we go:
1. Being Resourceful: meaning not waiting for help and directions to land on our lap we might benefit more to being resourceful ourselves and find ways to move forward.
2. Finding the Village: We know raising a child takes lots of people to be around the parent but what do you do when you are single parent? or even when you aren’t you still don’t have your friends and families understand YOU! You go out and find Like-Minded people in the same journey as you and make them your village. (Being resourceful again!)
3. Working on your Mindset: Our mindset (according to both of us and other leaders of the world) is the single most important factor that will determine our altitude. Victimhood never serves anyone. You got to bend over back to raise your own vibration and energy to the next level to be the best parent Your child Needs.
4. Compartmentalize your emotions: Another bummer is when you stay in your emotions and in your head. What do I mean by that? We might be tired, upset, depressed, angry, feel guilty and all other jazz….BUT….we must separate our emotional ego self away from the rational thinking self whenever life  (or our child) throws tantrums, meltdowns, sickness or other challenges! Assess the situation, accept you can feel what you are feeling but don’t give in to the negative feeling. Rather take the best calmest route to solving and assisting your child. Later on find out what is hidden beneath the surface and making you erupt.

Quote of her: ” Pausing Is Powerful”
5 Tips to Be Your Best Self
1. Staying present and Being Mindful of everything: couple of ways to try, grounding (feeling all the 5 senses whenever and wherever you are), Breathing (deep nourishing breaths or Breathworks…google it)
2. Finding What you can and cannot do: This is a very important problem and management tool as when we can find out what is in our control than we can delete those which aren’t. And by doing so you are prioritising your sanity, and your resources towards what will work and get the best results.
3. Becoming Resourceful: I totally agree with her on this. It means finding ways yourself and take action. Not just mindless research and more research. Take action or find others who have the resource and ask for help or pay for it. Nothing in life that is of quality is FREE!! That’s my quote 😉 !!
4. Mindset work: Identifying and Changing limiting beliefs and subconscious blocks will be the best asset of yours as it is a gift that keeps giving.
5. Have a concrete and consistent Morning Routine: I swear  by this…in fact I woke up today on about 4:15 AM and now at 5:35 AM I am writing this love letter to you.

I loved talking to her and will bring her on the show more as Being a Mindset Coach she really has gifts to help us be our best selves. And THAT MY FRIEND….Is What The Neurodiverse Nerd is all about!!

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