Myths about autism! Here’s what most Autism Nutritionist and Dietitians are making you believe about “autism diets”

myths about autism

Don’t even think about joining their bandwagon before reading the myths about autism!

Well, I see a lot…I mean almost “all” of the dietitians and nutritionists I see on social media, make content about autism food diets for our children on the spectrum. We follow them because:

A. It comes from an “authority” who studied and has taken some certification so of course they know better right?

B. The food they are asking you to choose is “easy to feed and does not require much effort to feed on your end”.

These are “food” such as “chocolate-covered freeze-dried strawberries”, “Crispy Cauliflower Bites”, “Chickpea Fluffs” or something similar that comes in a package and has preservatives and sugar, msg (connected to neurological dysfunctioning), and the like food full of fluffs like these chickpea fluffs…. ugh…..

<picture me screaming like a banshee inside>

Food for autism-picky eaters is one thing to be hassled and make the parent and our beloved super picky eaters try new foods but introducing packaged food as “health foods/ Real food” is just not acceptable as they are nothing but myths about autism diets

Food myths about autism children are vicious. Here’s WHY you MUST ABSOLUTELY cut down on “packaged food goodies”

  1. Packaged foods are dead food. The more alive food read fruits and veggies the better. At least if you do get packaged vegetables and fruits, I do too, make sure they are frozen raw fruits and veggies without any Processing done. I use frozen produce to make our meals.
  2. Packaged food contains “Preservatives and Flavoring agents” which are chemicals that increase the toxic load on your child’s body. His body already is in a nutritionally deficient state and has higher toxins and you getting him extra chemicals is weakening his system.
  3. Packaged foods are HARD TO DIGEST. Because it comes in a form that our body does not recognize right away as food. Your autistic child has lower digestion capabilities and adds hard-to-digest food like commercially mass-prepared “crisps and fluffs”
  4. Packaged ready foods are Inflammatory in nature. In connection to the above point, what the body cannot recognize it reacts to by treating that as a pathogen and enemy, and rather than trying to digest these foods are either shoved aside and rot in the colon leading to constipation. Or they are fought off which increases inflammation. either way, they are ruining the digestive system.
  5. Packaged food as real food is a brainwash. The food industry wants you to buy from them it’s their profit. So to keep earning they add labels like “organic, added vitamins, minerals, real fruits, vegetables” etc. words which make you feel you are buying real food. That is a brainwash and eye wash and it, in turn, washes you of money that you can invest in buying natural produce and also washes the child off from getting the right food the right way.

The reason all this food and the authoritative figures telling you to feed your child such food is because of YOU my friend. No, I am not saying it is your fault in any way…..I am saying this:

You are tired, exhausted, and out of touch with your inner wisdom. You want someone to ease your burden. You would rather die than someone asking you to try harder!!


The willpower it takes to choose effort over ease is very taxing on you. It kills you when your son closes his mouth when you attempt to feed him the meal that you lovingly made. Or worse throw the food away and scratches or bite you!

BUT feeding your autistic child real food on a daily basis can be effortless, easy, and rewardingly possible.

That is done by Understanding you. Your resistance, your anxious energy, and the fact that you are totally alone trying to feed him good food. Your spouse might not be on board and put all the work on your shoulder, other family members might tell you that you are trying the wrong way, etc.

When you find yourself alone, the easiest option will always sound the best! And you WILL choose them. That’s human psychology and that’s how the industries get hold of you in the first place.

That’s why I have taken all my learnings (as an autistic mom who went from having a low-functioning non-verbal child to having a verbal, happy, healthy, and thriving child) and made that into a system. This is my 5 Pillars to Autism Health, Recovery, and Success.

The 1st Pillar of the autism food diet is your MINDSET.

When you truly “Believe” the route that needs to be taken and then you work out to break free of your inner resistance (that might be your trauma response) then only you can feed your child all the healthy foods with ease and grace. If you are still “worried about autism” then visit the next post, click on worried about autism in this sentence, and get to know more about autism.

More on that later. I want to leave you today at this.

If there is one thing to think, it is to know this….

Food that is alive, that rots, that can grow, and is from the earth is real food. Real food is what the body can digest, and the nutrients are available to use. Added vitamins and minerals are synthetic in nature or are hard to digest by an already overburdened digestive system. The Choice is Yours.

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