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The Only Program on Autism Recovery That Works with Both the Child and The MOM: We UNDERSTAND Your NEEDS like No One Else Does!!

Please READ this FULL page CAREFULLY by taking your time. AND THEN ONLY FILL UP THE GOOGLE FORM. Thank you for your support!!

If you believe that your child on the spectrum does not deserve to be labeled “disabled” for life and put down for some therapies that do not work or give results, then you are at the right place.

Motherhood itself is a vehicle for personal growth, of deeply connecting with our inner self because our children are a mirror of us.

Autism Recovery & Success is a life changing intensive designed specifically for autism mums who doesn’t accept that their non-verbal autism child is any less than neurotypical kids. They believe their child just needs the right guidance and accountability to become verbal, social, happy, healthy and successful.

Our clients are women who want more from life and motherhood. Their inner self wants to evolve into this modern mum who has life well balanced on her hands and she is calm and serene inside and outside.

Sounds Impossible…. Read on!

Week 1: clients View on the Ease and Flow of the Protocol

Our clients are driven by the purpose of justice and equal rights for their autism child and are searching for a way to bring back speech, social interaction, age appropriate developmental milestones.

They also dreams of freedom from the burden and extra responsibility of raising a special needs child whose future looks dark and rocky. The fears for their child’s future keep them awake at night.

They love their child so much that a little short term hard work and sacrifice do not scare them. On the contrary they are warriors who are ready to battle and bring back their child from the lost world of self absorbency and disability.

So Why Does Autism Recovery & Success Program WORKS so well?? Read On..

We work together intensively for 8 weeks on the following

  1. We help you deeply understand Yourself as a mother and your own mindset, inner talk, mental and emotional aspects that makes you the way you are.

We help you identify patterns in your belief systems and influences of others in your life, both as your childhood and your adult parenting self. We also examine your own blocks to success and some of your subconscious patterns. Because these are guaranteed to be factors in your child’s recovery journey too. The better you navigate blocks yourself, the more powerfully you can lead your child and family members to follow you.

We help you realign your physical health, stamina, mental focus and psychological health. These give you all the energy and resources you need to be the solid support and foundation for your child’s recovery and success. We help you fill your cup 1st so that serving your child becomes effortless!!

Watch this Client Testimonial to see The DIFFERENCE Between Autism Success Academy and Everyone Else!!

2. We help you deeply understand your child’s need and why they behave and struggle the way they do

We do this by tutoring you through the different aspects of the connection between his body and brain and mind. This helps you to truly understand what your child feels, understands and how he/she sees the world. We bring our 34 years of living and surviving as a neurodiverse on the table and that inside knowledge will help you to understand connects with your child in all ways possible.

We use research based holistic  guidelines and information to help you deeply understand the reasons and solutions for: mood, meltdowns, negative behaviour and actions, sleep troubles, learning disability, social anxiety and lack of ability to survive and be independent.

We help you learn how to tackle his behaviours, improve mood, make him happy and slowly adapt with the world. This means more social interactions, siblings and peer play, doing great in school and there’s no need for special education for your child so forth.

3. We teach you a simple, effective and powerful ways to make him eat healthy diet effortlessly

We help you to build a proper gut healing and brain developing Diet and Lifestyle that suits your own preference and point of life. This will banish picky eating patterns and food aversion from your child’s pattern and feeding healthy food becomes easy, simple and effortless.

Our 3 step Detoxification helps get rid of general toxic loads and help reduce toxins in the body naturally and safely. We avoid using Biomedical interventions which are super expensive, rigorous and puts huge tolls on both the child and on your health and wellbeing.

Because it is simple, you’re basically mastering a framework. You’re practicing ONE THING, not a whole bunch of different methods; it’s easier to gain mastery. You will never again have to wonder what to feed your child, how to put him to bed, how to help him poop, and potty train or help him learn at school.

You stand out from all the unnecessary part of being an autism mom.

This completely eliminates overwhelm of parenting special needs kids. You don’t have to be a supermom to be the best mom for your child.

We help you identify the daily health and wellbeing needs of your child to ensure their ongoing developments.

(Loving what we do so far? Skip to the Investment Details If You are super excited to hop onboard!!)

4. We teach you to heal his body and brain that will start to remove the barriers to learning and developments and ensure smooth transition to school.

The Heal and Seal pillar of our proprietary 5 Pillars Protocol will teach you to feed wholesome, nourishing, detoxifying, rejuvenating special diet that will heal his leaky gut and associated inflammatory symptoms. Get ready to let go of constipation, withholding, potty training, anxiety and mood woes that now plagues your daily life.

What we teach is the opposite of biomedical, therapy based and other protocols available in the market. We go to the root and treat them holistically, naturally and with a softer approach. No drugs, medications, therapies, gadgets, toys etc needed.

You might have heard that diet do not work, I beg to differ strongly! Your child’s brain development state defines whether he can speak, understand commands, norms, danger, become social or behave appropriately. And since brain is connected to the gut and brain development requires nutrition and clean environment, then why won’t diet work?

The reason why it doesn’t work is because people start at the wrong starting point. What we teach proves beyond a doubt that Diet and Lifestyle has increasingly been the top agenda towards achieving long lasting health, wellbeing, developments and everything in between.

5. We help you become Self-sufficient and All-rounder parent for all your child’s future needs that will arise as they develop and grow

Our 4th and 5th Pillars of Nutrition and Maintenance have been built to make you so. We provide you will all the future trappings and guidelines you need to be able to keep working and getting better and better results as your child grows older.

Your child will become a well-read book rather than an autism puzzle piece that you just can’t crack.

I, Dr. Tasnuva Tunna, have been a registered Pharmacist, published research scientist and Assistant Prof. at my alma mater and I have 15+ years of health science knowledge that encompasses drug science, human physiology, herbal and natural medicines, nutrition and nutraceuticals. My deep knowledge on human health, modern and traditional medicine and their effect on the mind, body and neurons helps me bring deeper scientific perspective to the table.

Let’s talk about the investment:

Watch this Client Testimonial to the end to learn on the RETURN ON INVESTMENT for ASA. She is a Southasian mom living in India with in laws. So if you think you cant arrange support/ time/money/resources then let her break all those wrong ideas of yours.

One thing that became obvious very early on is how much money our clients stand to earn and save, once they finally get clarity on what they truly need to do, who their children are and how to take a non-verbal and “disabled” labeled kid to become verbal, social, curious, lively, healthy and happy.

And once they have a clear health, development and parenting model that support their vision for their child that won’t burn them out despite increasing both of their time, energy, happiness and peace.

Autism Recovery & Success Program is currently priced in the range of 5000 to 6000 CANADIAN DOLLARS (convert into your currency)!! There is a 50,000 BDT (Bangla Taka) discount for those who Physically Stay in Bangladesh!!


Look we know you might be a new immigrant or a single income family or someone with many kids and many more responsibilities. In our quest to make things easier for you we have made some GENEROUS payment plan for you. To Discuss in details FILL UP THIS FORM (click the underlined phrase) and we will book your Clarity & Reclaim Call!!


  1. The FINANCIAL cost of getting therapies that doesn’t work
  2. The ENERGETIC cost of raising a child on the spectrum with no proper guidelines
  3. The TIME cost of not knowing how to solve the problem (the earlier we start the better the recovery
  4. The IDENTITY cost of being a stay at home autism mom who cant have freedom
  5. The PHYSICAL toll of being a 24 x 7 caregiver to a moderate to severe autism kid.

For detailed discussion on this scroll down please.

If you want to experience these shifts then just Fill up this form and someone in my team will get back to you in the next 1-2 business days.

Now let’s talk about HOW we do what we do.

Our program lasts 8 weeks. 

It’s progressive, which means each piece builds on the preceding one and we require clients to do things in order. This ensures that you’re building on a stable foundation that will support the depth and breadth of your vision.

New and additional belief and mindset clearings, meditations, and training are regularly held during the calls along with the built in ones inside the Course area. You will get access to the online course as part of this program that houses all the essential trainings, guidelines and tutorials for you to learn, grow and experience Autism Parenting, like you have never experienced before!!

You receive deeply customized feedback on all the guidelines and protocols.

This means you’re never left wondering if you understood the guidelines and protocols to the T correctly or whether you’ve gone deep enough. We’ll not only tell you, but we’ll suggest improvements.

You will also be required to attend ONE group coaching call every single week with additional 1-1 sessions.

At the time of this writing, this group call is on Wednesday 10 am EST.

Each call is recorded for future reference and lasts two hours. This is your opportunity to ask questions and talk through sticky bits of your daily trials and feeding issues, gets face time with me and I help you unearth your subconscious patterns that are holding you back or keeping you hiding.

Since subconscious patterns are so individual and feel so vulnerable, we also offer 2, 1-on-1 mindset sessions with our certified mindset and NLP Coach. We use a combination of hypnotherapy, NLP, CBT and other modalities to help you surface and release old patterns that are blocking success in your parenting life.

Can you really make progress with just 2 mindset sessions over 8 weeks?

Yes. The 1:1 is not the ONLY sessions you will have, but also a bunch more as part of group calls too.

1:1 works, Because these sessions are not like traditional talk therapy (many of our clients have been through years of traditional therapy with minimal progress). We’re plugging directly into your subconscious and helping you create integration between your conscious mind and your subconscious. Addition to these we deliver similar group sessions at regular intervals depending on the need arising.

We also have 5 (FIVE) supporting Autism Parenting specific self-hypnosis tracks in the program that help you unearth any limiters or inhibitors so we can deal with them consciously.

AND, because we know that it’s easy to have a huge epiphany during a live session and then go back to your life with all its familiar cues, conversations and stressors, we include TWO custom audio made for each client SPECIFICALLY around their core wounds and blocks. This is something you will use daily for the rest of your life to move you through the different stages of your evolution.

To sum up, you get:

  • Videos, audios and written frameworks and templates in the program
  • 5 Self hypnosis audios supporting all the tactical pieces so your head and heart are aligned
  • Troubleshooting and coaching via Facebook post, email, messenger etc (unlimited during the 8 weeks)
  • TWO 1-on-1 mindset coaching sessions + custom audio
  • Facebook group support with my team and your peers in the program (lifetime)
  • Lifetime access to all recorded materials plus updates

Do you have to have deep trauma to work with us?

No. Anyone and everyone will benefit from learning how to clear and reprogram influences. And frankly, having these tools in your own parenting toolbox will make you a far more effective parent with your own children.

What happens after the 8 weeks of Autism Recovery & Success is over?

You retain access to all recorded materials and updates in perpetuity. You also retain access to our members-only FB community for life.

Additionally, after the 8-week intensive ends, we have our continuity program, Mastery, that includes, 4 group calls per month, ongoing helpdesk, as well as fresh content centered around building and honing your autism recovery, success and parenting skills that you’ve built (Organizing, parenting, romantic relationship rebuilding, automation of daily lifestyles, success in career reprogramming, wellness rituals, etc). This is by invitation only once you’ve graduated the program.

In order to qualify for Autism Recovery & Success Program:

This program is for you if…

  • You are smart, driven and willing to do both the parenting work as well as the inner mindset work.
  • You are open and coachable and take full responsibility for the life that you’ve created – even the pieces of it you don’t love.
  • While coachable, you’re also not passive – you show up as the captain of your ship and take initiative. You speak up on calls and via Facebook/Email support system and ask for help even if you don’t know exactly what help you need. You bring your own creativity and insight to the table instead of waiting to be told what to do
  • You are a lifelong learner, humble and willing to come to the table with a student’s mind and rework things that you might have learned/built in other programs, protocols, therapies etc.
  • You are a strong student, you’re able to follow written and verbal instructions (in English), and are kind, respectful, and supportive of others.
  • You are here willing to do the short term sacrifices and hard work for the ultimate freedom and success of you and your child for the rest of the life.

When pricing our own program, we took the following 6 factors into consideration:

  1. The financial cost of getting therapies that doesn’t work:

Our clients have spent 10s of thousands on therapies, biomedical interventions, protocols and helping numb out and petting the pains of being Autism and special needs parent.

We have seen many, many parents being prescribed certain detoxification and chelation therapies by “Child development pediatricians or doctors”. These parents have literally dumped anywhere between 5000-20,000 USD and a few years…YEARS….without the results matching the financial, emotional and mental strains of the rigorous therapies.

Our clients are those who deep down believes that these speech and occupational therapies are not therapeutic but are bandaids and solace for the ones whom our social and medical society has forgone.

Our clients are tired and exhausted to the point of having their hearts beating at their throats perpetually, due to the constant anxiety of what will happen to the child when they are no longer able to take care of the child?

2. The energetic cost of raising an autism kid drains you

Almost all our clients have the sense that they’re just so close to a breakthrough but having tried all the things, they are stumped as to what to try next. Their confidence in themselves is shaken and they need something that will address the root cause of their stuckness.

Add to this the deep drag of protecting your energy from those around you that are getting impatient for progress. Who keep you connected to your doubt and fear. Who, in trying to protect you, are eroding any hope you have.

Or the crippling guilt you feel because despite having the most supportive family and friends in the Universe, you still haven’t got it going on. And because your child isn’t thriving, loving you back, the time, money and energy you’re putting into work is actually a cost to your family, friends and personal well being.

3. The time cost of not knowing how to fix the problem (early intervention)

Our clients are type A overachievers, so they don’t lack for parenting and the associated challenges showing up. The only problem is more trying isn’t solving the problem (and it might be creating new ones). There’s no point trying 24 x 7 if you don’t have confidence that you’re working on the right things.

Our clients have tried many of the shiny things – protocols that uses certain olive oils, chelation therapy, speech, OT, Weighted blankets, sensory toys, you name it they might have tried one form or another….or all!!
They’ve finally come to craving simplicity. Their taste for the drama of “all the things” that feeds the ego-story of “being a mother is all sacrifice and hard work” has been quenched. They want something that they can master so they don’t have to stay in the arms-race of the latest tactic.

They want an autism recovery and parenting model that transcends the latest trend. They want work that is nourishing with children they love and they now have the bandwidth to have the freedom they have dreamed so far.

4. The identity cost of being an Autism mom that doesn’t work

Most of our clients see themselves as providers to their families and communities. They feel best when they’re giving. And because they have been giving more than they can manage to their children, they often feel like they don’t have enough to give to those that matter most.

Our clients want to retire spouses from dead end jobs, pay for family vacations, contribute to charities that they’re passionate about, show their kids what it’s really like to live one’s dream. And the burden of being out of alignment with this role keeps them in a constant state of corrosive stress.

Over time, this stress leads to physical symptoms (which I’ll discuss next) as well as a loss of confidence, depression, anxiety and other mental health issues.

5. The physical toll of being a 24×7 mum who isn’t developing as typically as they should

When you’re a smart, driven, high energy person, you need a constructive outlet for that energy to go. And you aren’t easily fooled by vanity metrics ($$ spent on therapies, the next fad diet/protocol, importing particular milk/oils, supplements etc.). You know when your child is thriving and when he is stalled, and this sophistication makes it really hard to hide from the problem. And you know that solving this problem with a series of shiny object course purchases/ downloadables hasn’t worked for a long time.

When your energy doesn’t have a constructive channel, it will often turn in on itself and lead to physical issues. Chronic stress leads to cognitive decline, auto-immune conditions, premature aging, depression and more.

Doing work even parenting that feels out of alignment because you feel like you don’t have a choice as a mother or because you’re still not clear what a better vehicle for your child to recover has a price. And your body is paying it.

Autoimmune issues are a multi-billion dollar industry. So is mental health. Someone is making this money. Why not take control, get alignment and have it be you?

6. The freedom that comes from figuring it out

The real reason our clients work with us is because we help connect them deeply to their own truth. And build a parenting life that reflects that truth.

This gives them back trust in themselves and their intuition. Trust in their purpose. Trust in their process. Trust in abundance.

The reduced friction and confusion gives them back loads of physical energy to spend with loved ones or in creation mode.

Many of our clients get back in shape, becomes body confident, get back to their past career or better still build new career outlets for their creativity, nourishing their bodies and spirits with quality self care.

They can provide for their families and can simply be able to give the gift of time with homeschooling thanks to their flexible schedule and increased cash flow from saving expenditures and only investing in quality and results driven things.

To share just a handful of real life stories from real clients that have worked with us:

Read the screenshots of testimonials attached and watch some video interview uploaded.

Watch this playlist of Client Testimonial Interview to learn more and see how our clients rate us and raves about the deep support and radical results!!

Press Pause to read each testimonial

The real magic of Autism Recovery & Success is the way it helps the moms to design their diet and lifestyle in a way that is built inside their existing life and becomes simple, easy and effortless to follow and continue.

Parenting now becomes personal development!!

Where every act of healing of their child becomes an act of healing for themself. Where healing oneself opens doors to deeper transformation for their children.

Where one’s actions and parenting is fueled by self acceptance and self trust so you can give more without fearing rejection or abandonment. And by giving more in this nourishing way, you learn to receive more abundance.

It’s about being a beacon of light in the autism parenting world and falling in love – with yourself, your work and your children – in a whole new way.


If you are Interested in experiencing this shift then simply Fill up this form and Just let me know that you’re interested in working together.

Someone on my team will write back with a few questions to help determine whether our program is a fit for you. We’ll have a quick chat back and forth and if we both agree it’s a fit, we can get you enrolled the same day, and get your first session scheduled within a single business day!

Welcome To The Rest Of Your Life!!