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The Only Program on Autism Transformation That Works with Both the Child and The MOM: We UNDERSTAND Your NEEDS like No One Else Does!!

Please READ this FULL page CAREFULLY by taking your time. AND THEN ONLY FILL UP THE GOOGLE FORM. Thank you for your support!!


If you believe that your child on the spectrum does not deserve to be labeled “disabled” for life and put down for some therapies that do not work or give results, then you are at the right place.

Motherhood itself is a vehicle for personal growth, of deeply connecting with our inner self because our children are a mirror of us.

Autism Transformation & Success is a life changing intensive designed specifically for autism mums who doesn’t accept that their non-verbal autism child is any less than neurotypical kids. They believe their child just needs the right guidance and accountability to become verbal, social, happy, healthy and successful.

Our clients are women who want more from life and motherhood. Their inner self wants to evolve into this modern mum who has life well balanced on her hands and she is calm and serene inside and outside.

Sounds Impossible…. Read on!

Week 1: clients View on the Ease and Flow of the Protocol

Dear mama, 

Are you constantly living in fear wondering…

  • “What will happen to my autistic child when I die”?
  • “What if my child runs away from home or us”?
  • “What if my child is being bullied in school or abused?”

“What if my child is unable to recognise danger and gets himself in life threatening situations……and I am not there to help?

I see you beautiful strong Diva Mom!! I know you are exhausted beyond belief, high strung and stressed beyond comprehension, have tried many months (or years) of switching from doctor to doctor, went from speech to OT to behaviour, to music to 10 different therapies in search for the simple answer to these 3 core questions…..

  • Will my child ever have a healthy, successful and joyful social and interpersonal life? 
  • Will I ever have ALL the answers that will pacify my soul from this CONSTANT agony of how I will tackle the next meltdown/ tantrum/ IEP meeting, meal time, sleep time, potty training….  
  • Will I Survive, have freedom, enjoy my parenting journey, breathe deeply and feel confident in myself and my wombling?

I get it and I feel you because I have been there. I am an autism mum whose son HAD severe autism with learning difficulty, was non verbal, had social anxiety disorder, hypertonia (couldn’t talk, chew food).

I recovered my son’s speech (now he is a dual language speaker). he is socially active, is independent, understands safety issues, takes care of his siblings, follows commands, is potty trained, can self feed and is attending a Regular school. We achieved all these transformations in under 1 year!!!

I now teach autism mums from all around the world to achieve these and much more in our Autism Transformation & Success online program.

No more stuckness, being clueless, helpless, confused, exhausted, depressed, suicidal mess of a mom. Get ready to breathe deeply, live life expansively, enjoy motherhood, gaining clarity, reclaiming power and become the absolute best version of yourself. 

Time to deeply support your spectrum child with all the natural, nourishing, deeply alluring modalities to become their best healthy, happy and successful selves.

So What does Autism Transformation & Success Helps you to Achieve?

  1. Emotional Stability and calmness. You will learn effective NLP techniques, emotional release and clearing modalities as well as design your own selfcare daily routines to ensure you are nourished, grounded and stable.
  2. Shift from “survival mode” to “thriving mode” to uncover  more energy, mental focus, capacity and strength to follow the process with ease and grace.
  3. Understand our secret sauce to stop picky eating through our simple 3 step process, to Reduce the Picky Eating habits of your child no matter how severe they may be! Yes your 3-5 food eater will learn to eat an array of natural home cooked nourishing food effortlessly.
  4. Your child will go through a series of proven Effective Deep Detoxification that will heal gastrointestinal troubles like chronic constipation, worms, tummy troubles. This process works to clarify and rejuvenate the blood, neurons and the entire gut health.
  5. Start seeing changes like Increased Focus and Attention span, decreased hyperactivity, calm mood, low tantrums and meltdown, Improved Sleep and general wellbeing in JUST 2-3 WEEKS!!.
  6. Gain the headspace to take care of yourself, your other family members and continue the more intensive phases of the program.
  7. With our Intensive Gut & Brain healing stage you will see even greater improvement in communication, command following, happiness, lower infections/ missed school due to sick days, social skills development, siblings attachment, independence and being able to set routine easily.
  8. Ongoing maintenance which is followed up intensely in Mastery and not in Foundation allows SPEECH and Language developments, school readiness, parental bonding, Independence developments such as self feeding, potty training, dressing up, sleeping on their own/ with great ease.
  9. One of the biggest differences this program makes is in the wellbeing of the mother. I being a suicidal depression survivor know how deeply we autism mums are misunderstood, unheard, unseen, scared and utterly exhausted. So this Program solves the unique problem of how to deeply Nourish the Mom, give her expansion, clarity, freedom and power to show her she is not just a mom!! She can be a Boss diva, an entrepreneur, a career woman or a biz owner when her child(ren) are healthy, developing with ease and grace, reaching milestones at the speed of rockets!!

Our program takes a problem- 

  • that the medical system says “there is nothing to be done”, 
  • that advocates say “we should sacrifice and keep calm even if our child’s quality of life is degrading worse because we are mom so we SHOULD become a MARTYR”, 
  • that society says “she must have done some great sins/ is a loser mum etc that’s why she got an abnormal/ autistic child”- 

And teaches you how to turn it into a  spectacular transformation with ease and grace. We deeply understand your and your child’s needs by being a neurodiverse myself and an autism mum with a Medical Healthcare background. So we are solving and troubleshooting scientifically.

Watch this Client Testimonial (in BANGLA) to see The DIFFERENCE Between Autism Success Academy and Everyone Else!!

Watch This Recent Graduate Experience from SEVERE Picky eating Autism to SPEECH and Developmental Milestones Achievements in Under 4 Months!!

Because it is simple, you’re basically mastering a framework. You’re practicing ONE THING, not a whole bunch of different methods; it’s easier to gain mastery. You will never again have to wonder what to feed your child, how to put him to bed, how to help him poop, and potty train or help him learn at school.

You stand out from all the unnecessary part of being an autism mom.

This completely eliminates overwhelm of parenting special needs kids. You don’t have to be a supermom to be the best mom for your child.

We help you identify the daily health and wellbeing needs of your child to ensure their ongoing developments.

(Loving what we do so far? Skip to the Investment Details If You are super excited to hop onboard!!)

Our program is based on our unique “5 Pillars Protocol” © whose foundation lies in the 5 Pillars that your child and you need to become successful in your transformation journey

1st PillarMindset and Innerwork:NLP, Emotional Release Techniques, overcoming parenting blocks and gaining emotional healing and stability
2nd PillarDeep DetoxificationNatural, chemical free, gentle yet effective detoxification of blood and gut to remove picky eating and kickstarting the gaining of developmental milestones.
3rd PillarHeal & SealAn Intensive 6 week deep clarification, purification, healing and sealing of gut tissues to ensure proper digestion, absorption, utilisation of nutrients. Help repair Brain tissues.
4th PillarNourishment & LifestyleBuild and design your chemical and toxin free lifestyle that is nature inclined, deeply nourishing to achieve true balance. 
5th PillarMaintenanceThe stage that makes or breaks your final results of autism transformation (available in Mastery). This is the bible on how to ensure ongoing recovery without mistakes, stagnation or pause.

Week 3 Update from Mom

Your child will become a well-read book rather than an autism puzzle piece that you just can’t crack.

ARS Foundation Core Support: 12 weeks of deep support comprised of 12x group coaching 2 hrs long, ASA Elite community support whenever you ask questions or share wins in facebook group, Lifetime COURSE access with ALL future updated materials, Lifetime FREE  access to our members group, REPLAY of all calls for ONE year, Lifetime FREE Access to Course materials, guidelines, lists, recipes, tips etc .

ARS Mastery Core Support: 24 weeks of deeper support, 24x weekly coaching class each 2hrs long, ASA Elite community support, LIFETIME  Course access with all future updated materials FOREVER, Lifetime FREE access to our members group, REPLAY to all calls for ONE year,  course materials, guidelines, lists etc.

I, Dr. Tasnuva Tunna, have been a registered Pharmacist, published research scientist and Assistant Prof. at my alma mater and I have 15+ years of health science knowledge that encompasses drug science, human physiology, herbal and natural medicines, nutrition and nutraceuticals. My deep knowledge on human health, modern and traditional medicine and their effect on the mind, body and neurons helps me bring deeper scientific perspective to the table.

Let’s talk about the investment:

Watch this Client Testimonial to the end to learn on the RETURN ON INVESTMENT for ASA. She is a Southasian mom living in India with in laws. So if you think you cant arrange support/ time/money/resources then let her break all those wrong ideas of yours.

We kept the Investment at a set point where You can invest without breaking the bank and we can serve you deeply and fully without holding us back!! Also we want to help as many parents achieve Clarity and Reclaim their power back and as many Children Freedom to become their best selves!!

In fixing the pricing We kept the following in mind

* The thousands of hours lost in wages that a mom foregoes to stay at home and be a full time caregiver.

* The thousands of dollars spent in therapies that simply DO NOT WORK or make sense, buying 20 different supplements that are expensive and sometimes causing harm due to overdosage!

* Thousands of $$$$ Wasted in replacing gadgets, toys, ordering in, doctors visits, medical expenses etc.

Autism Transformation & Success Program is currently priced in the range of MID to Upper FOUR (4) figures in US DOLLARS (convert into your currency)!! There is a Massive SCHOLARSHIP for those who Physically Stay in Bangladesh


Look we know you might be a new immigrant or a single income family or someone with many kids and many more responsibilities. In our quest to make things easier for you we have made some GENEROUS payment plan for you. To Discuss in details FILL UP THIS FORM (click the underlined phrase) and we will book your Clarity & Reclaim Call!!


  1. The FINANCIAL cost of getting therapies that doesn’t work
  2. The ENERGETIC cost of raising a child on the spectrum with no proper gui6delines
  3. The TIME cost of not knowing how to solve the problem (the earlier we start the better the recovery
  4. The IDENTITY cost of being a stay at home autism mom who cant have freedom
  5. The PHYSICAL toll of being a 24 x 7 caregiver to a moderate to severe autism kid.

If you want to experience these shifts then just Fill up this form and someone in my team will get back to you in the next 1-2 business days to book your Complementary Clarity & Reclaim call

We get booked very fast so please hurry

In order to qualify for Autism Transformation & Success Program:

This program is for you if…

  • You are smart, driven and willing to do both the parenting work as well as the inner mindset work.
  • You are open and coachable and take full responsibility for the life that you’ve created – even the pieces of it you don’t love.
  • While coachable, you’re also not passive – you show up as the captain of your ship and take initiative. You speak up on calls and via Facebook/Email support system and ask for help even if you don’t know exactly what help you need. You bring your own creativity and insight to the table instead of waiting to be told what to do
  • You are a lifelong learner, humble and willing to come to the table with a student’s mind and rework things that you might have learned/built in other programs, protocols, therapies etc.
  • You are a strong student, you’re able to follow written and verbal instructions (in English), and are kind, respectful, and supportive of others.
  • You are here willing to do the short term sacrifices and hard work for the ultimate freedom and success of you and your child for the rest of the life.

FILL UP THIS FORM to Book your call!!

Read the screenshots of testimonials attached and watch some video interview uploaded.

Watch this playlist of Client Testimonial Interview to learn more and see how our clients rate us and raves about the deep support and radical results!!

Press Pause to read each testimonial

The real magic of Autism Transformation & Success is the way it helps the moms to design their diet and lifestyle in a way that is built inside their existing life and becomes simple, easy and effortless to follow and continue.

Parenting now becomes personal development!!

Where every act of healing of their child becomes an act of healing for themself. Where healing oneself opens doors to deeper transformation for their children.

Where one’s actions and parenting is fueled by self acceptance and self trust so you can give more without fearing rejection or abandonment. And by giving more in this nourishing way, you learn to receive more abundance.

It’s about being a beacon of light in the autism parenting world and falling in love – with yourself, your work and your children – in a whole new way.


If you are Interested in experiencing this shift then simply Fill up this form and Just let me know that you’re interested in working together.

Someone on my team will write back with a few questions to help determine whether our program is a fit for you. We’ll have a quick chat back and forth and if we both agree it’s a fit, we can get you enrolled the same day, and get your first session scheduled within a single business day!

Welcome To The Rest Of Your Life!!